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Rod Benders Multi Species Fishing League

Brainerd, Minnesota

2018 RB Memorial Paid Teams ( in takeoff order )

1.Tim and Kayla Magnan  Co-Ed   

2. Todd and Blaine Grater

3. Dan Steffen and Dave Reiner

4. Rick Borders and Mark Sciborski

5. Tim Peterson and Steve Pratt

6. Christa Rasinski and Lex Young 

7. Jeremy Nyens and Jesse Arsenault 

8. Jeremy Wilson and Ashley Otterness Co-Ed

9. Leigh Reiner and Greg Pregrocki

10. Hunter Cunningham and Nathan Grater

11. Brian and Bela Smude

12. Matt and Mike Magnan

13. Tom Whitehead and Taryn Buehring

14. Noah High and Mason Rhodee - Youth

15. Shawn and Tim Fitch 

16. Cale and Sullie Lavoie - Parent-Youth

17. Carey and Curt Brown

18. Jamie and Tammy Dietman Co-Ed

19. Ryan Kempe and Adam Herron

20. Lenny and Donna Engman Co-Ed 

21. Jordan Spychalla and Jeremy Bjorgaard  

22 Jim Eide and Mandy Urich Co-Ed

23. Randy and Tate Magnan

24. Paul and John Cullen

25. Jesse Johnson and Eric Bollum

26. Jason and Bella Rasinski Co-Ed  Parent-Youth

27. Scott and Lindsay Roesner Co-Ed

28. Linn and Kyle Wilshusen 

29. Dan Robertson and Chuck Anderson

30. Isaac High and Sadie Jordan Co-Ed

31. Dustin Erickson and Mike Reiner

32. Bill Bosaaen and Scott Schupp

33. Matt and Mason Green - Parent-Youth

34. Mike and Brandon Vogt

35. Todd Caswell and Jim Bodell 

36. Scott and Josh Grater

37. Buzz and John Guin

38. Brad and Angie Vogt Co-Ed

39. Bo And JoJo

40. Chris Cullen and Gavin Burns

41. Murray Hebert and Nick Marshall

42. Kevin and Lucas Hacker

43. Austin Nyens and Peyton Henkensiefken - Youth

44.  Jason and Carla Bahr Co-Ed

45.  Kyle and Tyler Bahr - Youth

46. Mike and Lori Guin - CoEd






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