Rod Benders Multi Species Fishing League

Brainerd, Minnesota

Saturday August 12th 2022 17th Annual RodBenders Memorial Tournament Benefiting Fishing Has No Boundaries  

 Friday 8/11 Rules Meeting, Raffle, Fundraiser @ Brainerd American Legion 

5:00-8:00PM,  teams, family, friends invited! 

 **No Pre-Fishing after 3:00 PM Friday 8/11**

Mississippi River  Rice Lake and up river.   Tournament time: 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Tournament is limited to the first 50 Paid Teams.   To assure you are in the tournament, it is important you pre-pay your entry fee of $100.00.  Teams entered before 7/31 are eligible for the boat draw for take off positions. Teams entered after 7/31 will be positioned last in order of entry received. Last years Champs conduct take off for all anglers, assume final position.

CHECK IN :  6:00a.m. Lum Park Public Access : Starts @ 5:45 a.m for boat check in, get your boat number and live-well inspection.  Ease off in order of boat # begins at 7:00 AM Sharp.  Boat # decided by lottery once field is full or by 7/31. Remember to remove all weeds from your boat and trailer each time you exit the landing, including launching in the A.M. Drain all wells and pull plugs upon exit as this water is designated as having invasive species. All boats must have an aerated live well system designed to hold a large Pike as our goal is total catch and release. Run your wells on constant! 

WEIGH IN:  3:00 p.m. Sharp at French Rapids Landing  (Located approximately 3 miles up river from Rice Lake on East side of river)

Present your boat # at weigh in.  Fish must be placed in a water filled weigh bag. Once you have weighed your fish, immediately proceed to Lum Park to load your boat.  Official results/payout available @ 5:00 PM or sooner at the Lum Park Upper Pavilion.  We will not be serving food or having raffles and games at Lum park Saturday. Raffle and games will be Friday evening 8/12 5-8 pm at Brainerd American Legion. 

Mixed Bag5 Bass, Large or Smallies (12" min), 4 Walleye (14" min), 3 Northern (18" min).  Any fish attempted to be weighed that are short or do not meet the criteria of slots will not be included along with a 1 pound penalty.  No more than 2 -20"+ Walleyes or 2 - 30" Northern per Boat.  DNR also mandates all Walleye weighed in must not be released. Winners based on total weight, tiebreaker is total number of fish, then lunker.   MN Pike Slot states that all pike from 22"-26" must be immediately released. Dead fish resulting from a livewell smaller than the length of the fish or non functioning livewell will result in a 50% deduction per fish.

50% of entries minus expenses goes to Fishing Has No Boundaries.  Remaining 50% of entries paid out to anglers. Lunker Fish Prizes: $100.00 for Biggest Bass, Northern and Walleye of the contest donated by local businesses / individuals.  Longest Catfish and Dogfish get $100 cash prize. Take picture on ruler, show to weigh in team.

PAYOUT EXAMPLE:  One place paid for every five teams entered.  If we have 40 teams x $50.00 = $2,000.00. We then would pay down 8 places.    1=$600, 2=$400, 3=$300, 4=$200, 5=$175, 6=$150, 7=$100, 8=$75

CO-ED PAYOUT:1st - 3rd  $125 / $100 / $75       ( Donated by local business / individual. )

Youth -  cash prize for top team with a person Under 18

 RodBenders assumes no responsibility.  All boat owners must have min $300K liability insurance. Questions call Mike Guin at 218-330-8691. 



Boat Captain Name___________________________________  Partner Name _____________________________________

Co-Ed Team?  Y or N                  All youth Under 18?   Y or N


Phone #______________________________________________

Email Address:_________________________________________

Make checks payable to Rodbenders   (Please send in form to: Mike Guin, 5289 Ojibwa Road, Brainerd, MN 56401)  

(For RodBenders to fill out )    Livewell Inspected__________  Boat # ___________