Rod Benders Multi Species Fishing League

Brainerd, Minnesota

                   Basic Tournament Rules -  *New BIG bag bonus payout


          Payback for Wednesday Night Tournaments based on 15 teams, $360 Entry per team.

    5 Bass , 4 Walleye , 3 Northern will be counted towards your total weight. Fish must weigh at least one pound to enter.

    Tie breakers after total weight = Total # of fish, then lunker.

    Total weight pay out 1st- $150, 2nd- $100, 3rd- $50, 4th $20 paid out the following night before take off.

    Points for each tournament go as follows 1st-20 points, 2nd-19 points and so down  

    Points Champ at the end of the season gets $150, 2nd=$100,3rd=$50, 4th = $20 (Tie breaker on points is total weight for end of year)

    Year End Tournament counts for points, no separate entry, all teams fish. Lake TBD the eve before, new water approx. 1 hour away from Brainerd area,  able to accommodate 15 rigs. Payout $300, $200, $100, $40

    *New $200 BIG bag bonus payout, see below.

    NO Pre-fishing on day of Tournament - Strictly enforced.

    Subs are allowed but one boater must be from the original team

    Fish must be weighed immediately and then recorded / photographed and released. No storing fish in live wells. No slots, maximums as we catch and immediate release.

    Take 2 pictures of your fish. One with scale clearly in video so it is legible and second with entire fish.

    No catching the same fish multiple times, example nesting smallmouth.

    Double check before you submit your fish. Do not double enter the same fish. Some times the APP takes a minute to load based on cell reception. Any mistakes is responsibility of said team unless photographic proof is clearly visible and correctable.

    Any cancels due to weather, fish next day (Thursday)

    Late arrival or no show teams must notify another RB member by 5:00pm.

    Most tournaments start promptly at 5:30 PM, no earlier unless all teams fishing that night arrive early. If so, we will start early. 

    The first time a team arrives late to the weigh in, the " beverage penalty" shall be assessed. The team will be penalized by having to provide beverages for the league the following Wednesday. Late means you are not within 200 yds of landing at designated ending time using GPS clock. Each additional late arrival will include a 10% weight deduction plus the "beverage penalty". 

    One throw out is allowed or you can count your 13 best tournaments for year end points.

    Whiners or complainers need not join the league. We do this for fun and help one another.

    Any team intoxicated or acting in a manner which endangers others or negatively impacts the reputation of the league will be subject to disqualification.

    Any changes needing to be made due to "common sense decisions" shall be made by a majority vote from RB members.

    * Attention Rodbenders, Baxter Insurance Group will sponsor a $200 BIG bag bonus. Here is how it works: The Biggest total weight for a single tournament after the season is done wins up to $200. If you are insured with Lori or Baxter Insurance Group (BIG) by 6/1, you qualify for $100 per member. If you are both insured with BIG, you get the full $200. 

    Thanks to everyone for getting their money in on time, looking forward to another great year!

    - Mike Guin




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